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Gluten Free | All Natural Ingredients

Parisettes Gourmet Dressings have been made in the South Island for over 20 years. The Flying
Pig Cafe in the Waitaki Valley is the home of Parisettes Dressings. Here we make a range of 8
different dressings in our purpose built HACCP compliant Gluten Free environment.

All our dressings are made with only natural ingredients. No artificial flavourings, preservatives,
emulsifiers, gums, colourings or stablisizers.

french dressing

A smooth creamy dressing great
with any salad.
Ingredients: Canola oil, egg, vinegar,
mustard, seasoning.


vinaigrette dressing

Try this on your Greek salad, orzo
salad & green salad. A great all
round vinaigrette.
Ingredients: Canola oil, vinegar, gherkins,
capers, onion, nz garlic, herbs & spices.


aioli dressing

Ideal with steak, potato salad,
seafood. Try Aioli instead of egg to
crumb fish etc.
Ingredients: Canola oil, vinegar,
nz garlic, mustard, herbs & spices.


sundried tomato dressing

Perfect as a spread in burgers &
sandwiches. Great in pasta & tuna
Ingredients: Canola oil, vinegar, egg,
sundried tomato, mustard, herbs & spices.


sweet mustard dressing

Ideal with chicken salad, corned
beef, steak, pasta & potato salad.
Ingredients: Canola oil, vinegar,
mustard (Dijon whole grain), sugar, egg,
seasoning & spices.


blue cheese dressing

A fantastic addition to baked potatoes,
chicken salad & green salad. Anywhere
you are looking for that blue cheese
Ingredients: Canola oil, vinegar, Whitestone
blue cheese, egg, mustard, seasoning.


salad mayo dressing

Smooth, creamy and great on any
salad, sandwich fillings, egg salad,
potato salad & coleslaw.
Ingredients: Canola oil, vinegar, sugar,
egg, mustard, seasoning & spices.


tartare dressing

Perfect with any seafood.
Ingredients: Canola oil, vinegar, egg,
mustard, gherkins, capers, seasoning.

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